Tweak Your Perspective and Open Up Your World

This just happened to me the other day. Swirl Creative Web Design sent me my new website they had created for me.  When I opened it up, I saw only a real-looking heart drawing and I thought, "That’s graphic."  Then a few days later, my sister said, "Did you see the flowers and butterflies in your logo?"  I said NO!

So I opened it up again and then when I knew what I was looking for…it appeared to me plain as day. 

So the lesson for me was: What you are looking at is not always what you think it is.  I’m just programmed to see what I think I should be seeing!!!

I already loved my website so much, I couldn’t imagine loving it more. I realized when I told the Creative Director, Katie, about my meditation experience she had implemented that experience into the logo design and it’s beautiful!

It’s so weird to me that our brains tell us what we are seeing based on WHAT WE THINK we are looking at!!! Just another reminder for me.  I love getting these reminders of things I already know but need to experience again to re-remember!

Can you think of a time where you tweaked your perspective and it enhanced your life?