I'm experiencing and doing this right now! I’m choosing to walk through my fear of what other people might think by doing what I know I’m here to do. Initially, I was afraid to commit to being a full-time life coach, but the universe had other plans. It wouldn’t let me get another job.

For most of my life I had been a Natural Gas Accountant. I was guided to CTI when my last company was bought out. I did odd jobs since then, which was humbling for me. I walked through that.  It was definitely an experience I needed to have for my personal and spiritual growth.

After my last job, I applied to several jobs every day for months, but nothing was happening. I then realized that all the doors were closed because I knew I was to be life coaching. I had known this for 6 years, but didn’t know how to go about it.  I was so exhausted and depressed and it finally dawned on me intuitively that it was TIME to TRUST and SURRENDER TO THE KNOWING AND WALK THROUGH MY FEAR. 

After I made this decision, all kinds of miracles started happening for me.  My sister came down to see me and it felt so good to be around family.  Both my parents have passed and I miss them every day. They always loved me unconditionally and knew me better than anyone in the world. They believed in me and were my cheerleaders throughout my difficult life. 

When Mary and her husband, Terry, came to visit, it lifted my spirits because she knows me well.  She believes in me and knows I’m supposed to be doing life coaching work. I felt a new sense of courage to stop caring what others might think and surrendered to my life purpose.

Things progressed so fast from there.  All doors were open and miracles started happening daily. We set up my Facebook page and I offered a special and started coaching. People showed up in my life and gave me assistance without my asking.  Miracle after miracle. I felt a new sense of purpose and support from the universe!!

I choose to share my experiences to let others know they can surrender, too.  It’s possible. It takes Courage and Authenticity to be BRAVE!  AND IT’S WORTH IT!

I’m sure we all have things we KNOW we are here to do but are afraid to get out of our comfort zone and GO FOR IT! TO STAND IN OUR KNOWING AND LET THE FEAR GO! I surrendered and I'm here to tell you.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  BE BOLD, BEB RAVE, LIVE YOUR GIFT. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR UNIQUE GIFTING!  If we all did this, what a great world we would live in. 

Have you ever experienced the miracle of surrender?