The Story Behind My Logo and Business Name

Life Coach training requires a lot of meditation. When I went through my training at CTI I learned a lot about myself. The more I meditated, the more I learned. One experience pushed my life toward the path I am on today.

It was during a guided, group meditation in a CTI classroom. We were told to visualize sitting somewhere where we felt comfortable. I put myself on a beach in front of very blue, beautiful ocean. My mind led me to a cove area by myself.

The guide told us to listen for a message we needed to hear. I listened. As I focused on my breathing, my surroundings fell away and I really felt like I was on that beach. I could smell the salt and hear the waves.

Then the message came. A soul came up to me and handed me a real beating, red, heart, and said “Go here, it will take you HOME.” 

I was so moved by the experience, that from that day forward I would recognize when I was in my head (ego, fear) or heart. This was a huge awakening for me; I will never forget it.

When I’m in my Heart, life flows so much smoother for me and I go with flow, like floating with the current on a river.  I’m in the groove and enjoying everything.  I’m not fighting what reality is, but embracing it!

Can you tell when you’re in your HEART and when you’re in your fear?