Experiencing Our Inner Strength

Sometimes you don’t find out how strong you really are until you’re in a situation that forces us to depend completely on yourself-- when there is no one who can help.

I’m talking about our inner strength! The ability to rise to a challenge that seems impossible.

Not too long ago, I had an accident where I fell, cut my leg deeply and hit my head hard. My leg wound would not heal and I had to be in the hospital for six days. Vertigo set in from the concussion.

No one was around to help me. I knew my family couldn’t come from out of town. My best friend was out of town on a cruise and she was the only one I felt I could call to help but she was gone. This ended up being a blessing, but at the time I could not even think about it. Looking back on it now I can see: I went into a solution mode. I drove myself to the doctor, even when I felt I could pass out any minute.

After trying to treat me in the doctors’ office without success, they sent me to the hospital. There were so many doctors trying to fight the infection. Only one visitor the whole six days. I was so sick it wasn’t a problem. I was out of work for two months with no income or help. PIC line, blood clot from the PIC line. Changing antibiotics every few weeks. Wound Care specialist while the vertigo was so bad I couldn’t get out of bed without the whole world spinning around me. No showers, practically crawling to the bathroom at night. Getting down the stairs was very slow and just getting food in the house to eat was a chore. So my day consisted of making sure my basic needs were met. Food, drink, hygiene, sleep, medicines.

I really don’t know how I did it, but I just figuratively put one foot in front of the other. My world was about making it through each day. Everything else in the world fell out of my awareness. It was just me with me. AND I DID IT!!!!

What I was experiencing was my inner core and my true strength rising to the surface and taking over.

It’s these types of experiences that allow us to know how strong we really are! Difficult situations that I would have thought in the past to be scary are not as scary anymore because I KNOW I can handle it!

This is a very important lesson: the value of experience. Or whatever you want to call it. When I look back on my life, I realize there were other experiences like the one I described above that showed me my strength, but I hadn’t had one in awhile. I guess I had forgotten my strength and needed a reminder.

I’m very glad I REMEMBERED.

Have you ever needed to remember how strong you are? What did it take?